What is ‘Aimbridge Aid’?
It is a charitable foundation and registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit entity that has been established by the Company to raise funds. The funds will be used to provide services such as general financial aid, disaster relief or other public work. The mission of Aimbridge Aid is to provide support to our associates and the communities in which we operate.

Why was Aimbridge Aid created?
Aimbridge Aid was created for the purpose of helping our associates and the communities we serve.

Who is funding Aimbridge Aid?
Aimbridge Aid is solely funded through voluntary donations, whether from our own associates, hotel owners, vendors, business partners and partner organizations and also from the general public.

Who, within Aimbridge, does this program benefit?
It benefits any regular full-time or part-time Aimbridge Associate with at least 90-days of service who is in good employment standing (no recent disciplinary action and not on a performance improvement plan). It can also benefit former associates whose employment was disrupted as a result of a disaster or catastrophic event. (Contractors, interns or temporary workers are not eligible to apply for assistance).

What kind of events qualify me to receive financial assistance from Aimbridge Aid?
Associates whose employment was disrupted as the result of a disaster such as a hurricane or tornado or an earthquake, or a catastrophic event such as the COVID-19 pandemic or similar health crisis, an act of terrorism or any other sudden, major event that causes significant loss or damage and impacts Aimbridge business and its ability to employ its workers.

How does someone apply for assistance from Aimbridge Aid?
English and Spanish applications are also available by clicking below:



Fill it out completely, or you can ask your manager, GM or Corporate leader to help you fill it out. They can sign off on it and submit it on your behalf. Follow the instructions for submitting the request so that it can be evaluated by the Aimbridge Aid Officers or designated committee.

What if my employment was affected and I suffered loss because of a disaster or event that happened a while ago? Can I still apply for assistance?
An associate who was impacted can apply within six (6) months of the event. Proof or documentation of loss may be required.

If I submit a request and it is approved, how long do I have to wait to receive the money?
Our commitment is to process requests within two weeks of receipt of the application, but of course it might take longer depending on circumstances.

If my request is approved, how will I receive payment?
Aimbridge Aid funds will not be added to your paycheck or paid by direct deposit. A separate check will be cut and sent to you by our Accounting department.

How often can I apply for assistance?
An associate can apply for assistance once per year, per disaster or catastrophic event.

If I am denied assistance, how long is the wait period before I can apply again?
Generally, you must wait 90 days to apply for assistance a second time. Please note that a response will be provided regarding the reason for denial of a request, so unless the circumstances surrounding your request have changed, repeat requests will not be considered.

If I am approved, how much financial aid will be provided to me?
The assistance application requires the applicant to indicate how much financial support is needed. A committee will review each application and determine if a portion or full amount is awarded to the applicant.

If I receive assistance funds, are they taxed?
The funds you receive from Aimbridge Aid are considered taxable income, although Aimbridge will not withhold any taxes from assistance funds on your behalf.

If I receive assistance, do I need to report it on my tax return?
It is recommended that you do so. We suggest that you consult with your tax advisor in regards to reporting these funds on your tax return.

Who can contribute to the Aimbridge Aid Foundation?
We will accept donations from anyone—fellow Aimbridge associates and those they know, guests and the general public, plus we will also actively solicit outside donations from our vendors and business partners.

If I choose to donate to Aimbridge Aid, where does my money go?
100% of all donations go to support Aimbridge associates with basic life needs or obligations they are unable to meet because of disrupted employment. Basic life needs are things such as food, rent, utilities, medical needs, etc.

What is the minimum amount I can donate to Aimbridge Aid?
The minimum donation we can accept is $5. To contribute less than that, we suggest combining your donation with a co-worker or contributing through a fundraiser that could be held at your hotel.

How do I sign up to donate?
You can donate by cash, check or credit card and if you are with a legacy Aimbridge hotel you can donate through Payroll deduction.

What are the instructions for each method of donation?

CASH, please see your General Manager

CHECK, please send to:

Aimbridge Aid Foundation
Attn: Treasury Dept
5851 Legacy Cir, Suite 400
Plano, TX 75024

W-9 Tax Form

CREDIT or DEBIT card, click DONATE below


PAYROLL DEDUCTION (legacy Aimbridge hotels only), do the following:

* Log in to UltiPro
* Go to ‘Menu’
* Go to ‘Myself’
* Go to ‘Giving’
* Click the Aimbridge Aid logo to select an amount

Can I direct my contribution to help only the people from my hotel or region?
No, donations cannot be specifically targeted, as all donations received are combined together to support associates across our whole company. 

Who determines how the funds are utilized?
Some of the senior executives of Aimbridge serve as Officers for the Foundation, and they, along with selected committee members who are also Aimbridge leaders, will act as guardians of the fund. As a group they will review all requests for support and will make unanimous decisions on where to direct financial assistance.

How do I get a donation receipt?
For online donations, after your donation is submitted online, our web platform will generate a donation receipt for your records. If you made a cash donation or sent a check, you can request a receipt at aimbridgeaid@aimhosp.com.

Can I claim my donation on my annual tax return?
Yes, you can record your donation with your annual tax return. It is recommended to have a copy of your donation receipt on file in the event of an audit by the IRS.

As a legacy Aimbridge employee, if I donate through Payroll deduction, will my donation show up on my W2?
Yes, if you donate through Payroll deduction, it will be recorded on the W2 you receive from the Company.

Can I request PTO Payout in lieu of a Donation?
At this time, we are not allowing PTO, Vacation or Sick hours to be donated to an individual/the foundation or paid out in lieu of a monetary donation.

Can I get reimbursed for my donation?
No, all donations are a voluntary personal expense made at the discretion of the individual donor.

What if I need my donation returned to me?
We ask associates to be judicious when deciding to contribute because unfortunately a donation cannot be refunded once it has been processed.

Can our hotel host a fundraiser and donate the funds to Aimbridge Aid?
Yes, we encourage all hotels and corporate locations to host fundraisers to support this great cause. Checks can be made out to Aimbridge Aid Foundation and should be sent to the following address:

Aimbridge Aid Foundation
C/O Aimbridge Hospitality
Attn: Treasury Department
5851 Legacy Circle, Suite 400
Plano, TX 75024